so it finally happened. i finally hit my greatest milestone yet. 38 FOLLOWERS! i know this might not seem like much to some but it truly means a lot to me and as cliche as it sounds, i wouldn’t have been able to get to 38 without you guys so i truly appreciate all of the support. 

anyway so i was sitting there in shing jea thinking, how could i repay these loyal followers and then i remembered that tumblr giveaways are all the rage at the moment so i have decided to do a tumblr art giveaway. all you need to do is reblog/like this post and on the 3rd of may i will randomly select a winner.

the winner will get a drawing of a guild wars 2 character of their choice in the style of my other masterpieces shown above. you will get to choose if it is a full body drawing or a close up or anything because seriously. i can do anything.

the rules

  • you don’t have to be following me, but you should because i’m probably the best blog on tumblr
  • you can like/reblog it as many times as you like
  • reblogs after the 3rd of may will not be counted but may still be charged

good luck my beautiful followers. thank you again. i love you all <3333